I know that this question has kinda been asked before, but I look into my folder and all I see is "mcedit.exe", "MCEdit User Data", and "MCEdit 2 Files". I found a folder called "plugins" in one of the files, but when I put my downloaded filter in the "plugins" folder, nothing happens in MCEdit. I look everywhere for the right file to put it in, but I get nothing. Can anyone help? I asked this same question on the Minecraft forums, but no one answered.

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    It sounds like you're using MCEdit 2, which isn't really ready for general use and is incompatible with old filters. For now, you should download MCEdit Unified
    – SirBenet
    Commented Aug 28, 2016 at 19:20

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MCEdit 2.0, which you appear to be using, isn't ready for general use and is incompatible with all old filters. For now you should be using MCEdit Unified, which is still compatible with old plugins and regularly updated.

Once you've installed and opened MCEdit Unified, you should see a main menu which has a Config Files button:

Config Files button

Clicking this will bring you to a folder, from which you'll be able to see your Filters folder, where you should place your filter files:

Filters folder


its possible that file doesnt work and recommend downloading a mod version of it if it doesn't have one then i would download the older version as colorfusion said

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