I have noticed that when I play sniper if my shots miss, it's usually because I fail to actually get it to the right spot in time.

I also can't seem to get a good shot if I go too fast.

I also seem to shoot slowly in the flash game shoot which I have been using to see how my aimbooster practice is going.

Here is an example of the fast shooting


There are countless tutorials on YouTube covering this subject, but the only one that really stuck out to me was nst's tutorial.

- Shoot an enemy when they are unlikely to change direction. This will allow you line up for a headshot.
- Enemies' movements are somewhat easier to predict if they jump. Shoot where you think the enemy will land rather than where the enemy is.
- Not all classes die from one hit, if you landed a successful headshot try finishing them off with a noscope.
- Check for enemy snipers, most will be at commonly known spots so make sure to check those before you push.
- Parachuting soldiers are an easy kill since they are hindered by their lack of mobility.
- In a Sniper v Sniper. A common tactic to use is "Doublezooming". Doublezooming is used after a player has missed their shot, they will instantly zoom in/out to bait the enemy player into thinking they are going to take a shot. When the enemy sniper zooms in they will not be able to move around as much and therefore makes it an easier target to kill.

Make The Best Of What You Got
- In a scenario where you are likely to die, it always good to try and get a pick. Remember medics take priority over any other class.

Play Around Corners
- Hold angles where you think the enemies are likely to come. This will allow you to fully power up your shot before an enemy comes.
- Aim at the wall when you are scoped in. So the sniper dot will not be visible to enemies and you will catch them by surprise.

Don't Be Afraid To Take A Fight
- The sniper rifle is powerful at close ranges. Don't be afraid to take a chance at a shot.

- While it's up to your personal preference. A good sensitivity for sniper is a low one.
- High perfect mouse control speed is recommended. Meaning no matter how fast you move your mouse it will always move the same distance in-game.

The video in your question doesn't necessarily represent the true nature of the game as you will zoom out after each shot hence why I summarised it. You gotta learn how to walk before you can run.

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  • Oh, yes perhaps I could improve it. I will try to the best of my ability, but not right now. Thanks for the feedback.
    – Mano
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I really recommend you try this site specifically Fast ShootingI use it on a constant basis and I have improved dramatically because of it. It provides a great resource with a cornucopia of minigames that each target a specific area of skill

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    This constitutes a link only answer, and will become invalid as soon as the site goes down. Please summarize the relevant info from the link to ensure your answer remains valid.
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