I was doing the quest to kill the Ice Wraith to join the Stormcloaks, when I left my follower, Marcurio, on the side of a cliff, because he was getting in the way.

After I completed the quest, I went back to find him but I couldn't. So, I went back to Riften and found him at the Bee and Barb, where I recruited him. When I speak to him, he acts like I've got a follower and says "looks like you've got someone already" and stuff like that.

How do I fix this so he is following me again?


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If you are on PC, then type the following command into the console (which can be opened with the ~ key): set playerfollowercount to 0

If you are on console, then all I can say to do is to load a save.


Try getting arrested, that works for me when one of my followers stopped following me.


Maybe load an old save? That should work

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