So my brother and I are thinking of buying Divinity Orignal Sin: Enhanced Edition as it seems like an enjoyable co op game. I've seen the option for split screen in some walk through, and I've noticed that the second player uses a game controller.

I can't afford a game controller at the moment, so I was wondering if we would be able to play split screen using a second keyboard for my brother. Would that work?

Thanks in advance.

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According to adeveloper in this thread

Local co-op is only available when using 2 controllers (there were UI issues when KB/mouse + controller was tested during development).

Seems the only solution might be a controller, but xbox gamepads may be affordable if found second-hand. This thread claims:

Yeah, sadly the way they coded it, a controller plugged in seems to take over for P1, then a second controller plugged in acts as P2. Console controls aren't too bad, at least.

So it seems two controllers are needed.

  • No problem. Sorry it's the case though Sep 4, 2016 at 8:02

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