Recently, there were a few posts about creating custom gamerules, but no question or answer covered the creation and usage of custom gamerules. This post tries to uncover this, but it's just a link-only answer to a tutorial I didn't understand.

From version 1.9 (or maybe earlier), you can create custom gamerules, eg.

/gamerule customGamerule false

This will create a gamerule named customGamerule, currently set to false. It can be changed to true and Bach, but without effect. How can one add an effect to a custom gamerule?

  • Custom GameRules no longer exist in 1.13
    – pppery
    Aug 10, 2018 at 16:45
  • @ppperry Oh. I guess one can still use a series of scoreboard commands to have the same result. Did those change in 1.13?
    – user143228
    Aug 11, 2018 at 9:13
  • The syntax of /scoreboard changed in a few ways in 1.13, and some of it was split into new commands, but the core functionality remained
    – pppery
    Aug 11, 2018 at 19:21

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In order to detect the value of any gamerule (both default and custom), CommandStats must be used, which will set the value of the gamerule as a score. Only the QueryResult trigger will be provided with a return value when running /gamerule <name>.


Objective to hold the value.

/scoreboard objectives add Gamerules dummy

The target of CommandStats must be tracked in the objective in order to obtain the return value. In this case, a fake player named "$customGamerule" will be used to hold the value.

/scoreboard players set $customGamerule Gamerules 0

You can set the custom gamerule's value to any numerical value for detection. If you set it to "true" or "false", it will be interpreted as 1 and 0 respectively. If you set it to any other string, it will be 0.

/gamerule customGamerule 0
/gamerule customGamerule 1
/gamerule customGamerule 100
/gamerule customGamerule true


Repeating > Chain > Conditional Chain

  1. Stand on top of the command block and run the following yourself.

    /stats block ~ ~-1 ~ set QueryResult $customGamerule Gamerules

    Now every time the command block executes a command that provides a QueryResult return value, fake player "$customGamerule" will have their "Gamerules" score set equal to that value.

    The command that will be placed within that command block, which queries the value of the gamerule:

    /gamerule customGamerule
  2. In order to detect the fake player's value, /scoreboard players test must be used.

    /scoreboard players test $customGamerule Gamerules 1 1
  3. Conditional. Command to run if the "customGamerule" gamerule is set to 1.

    /say "customGamerule" is set to 1.

As long as the gamerule is set to "1" or "true", the /say command will execute.

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