I have minecraft 1.10.2 and so does my friend. We use the team extreme launcher. We tried to create a local multiplayer game by connecting his laptop to mine through a hotspot that I created using mHotspot software. Then I gave access to the launcher and Java platform through windows firewall on both of our laptops. Things I tried

  1. After opening my game to LAN my friend added a new server to the server list and entered my ip address (the one called IPv4) and tried to connect but we got "the java exception connection timed out no further info thingy" error.
  2. He tried to use the Direct connect option and entered myIP:portNumber in the box given and still we got the same error.
  3. We took turns at hosting and it didn't work.
  4. We used the hosted network enabled through command prompt and did all the steps to share internet connection and data but still nope.
  5. Restarted minecraft several times and still nope.

Later we just connected to our hostel wifi and the LAN game appeared after an hour. But our wifi is too weak and gets easily disconnected sometimes. What should we do? I am not well versed computer networking so it would be nice if you can give me a step-by-step procedure.

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    Is the portNumber you are using open on the firewall of the host? – Arperum Sep 7 '16 at 12:15

It sounds like the communication between your two laptops is not happening as intended. So, some things to test:

  1. Your internet speed. Go to somewhere like speedtest.net and check your speeds. An average connection would be looking at something like 20Mb Download/5Mb Upload. The ping is also important, because that determines the speed of communication between you and your Internet source. Anything over a second is not good. Depending on your results, it may just be that the communication is not happening fast enough for the game to function correctly (you will likely receive "timed out" errors).
  2. Your IP. You were correct in assuming that the "IPv4" is the correct one to use, IPv6 is not completely implemented at this time. Try running a ping test from one PC to the other (you ping your friends laptop, and your friend pings your laptop). You may also want to run an ipconfig to check that you are using the correct IP.
  3. Your Firewall. As some have mentioned already, following your suggestion of calling ports directly you want to make sure that the ports are in fact open on the firewall, otherwise nothing will happen. Open the "Firewall with Advanced Security", and make sure that you have the appropriate firewall rules allowed.
  4. Java. To be honest, this is more than likely the cause of your issues. You may want to check that you have the correct version installed on both machines. If not, upgrade to a later version.
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