How do I make the topfit add-on work with "dual-wield" artifact weapons? It keeps making a clicking sound once every second for five seconds as it tries to equip another item that it can't use!

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For each spec you have, do the following:

  1. Change to the spec
  2. Unequip the weapon
  3. Open your character screen
  4. Hold down alt and mouse-over your "main" weapon slot. (If you're in a typical spec, this is your main hand; if you're in a tanking spec, it might be your off-hand.)
  5. Check the box in the bottom left of the icon that represents your artifact weapon
  6. Hold down alt and mouse-over your other weapon slot, what I'm calling the "non-main" weapon slot.
  7. Check the box of the "place in bags" icon.

That should work.

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