I was really excited to encounter and catch my first wild Snorlax yesterday. It has 166 HP and 1200 CP.

Then today one hatched from a 10Km egg (199HP/1730CP) and gave me 19 Snorlax candy. The wild one cost me nearly all my ultraballs, most of my razzberries and quite a considerable time.

So what is the point in catching rare Pokémon when I will probably just hatch one sometime anyway ?

I walk to work and back every day - 15-20Km round trip depending on my route, so I am able to hatch a lot of eggs and I don't mind buying a few new incubators every week.

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    You make it sound so easy.... – Ellesedil Sep 13 '16 at 18:56

If it is rare, catch it anyways because

  • You may not get another chance to spot a wild one
  • You may not necessarily hatch the same wild rare pokemon later on.
  • Sometimes wild pokemon can appear with excellent IVs (but appear weaker due to lower CP)
  • You get extra candy for power up
  • +100 Stardust... why not?
  • You will own two strong rare pokemon to use in gyms (What's better than one strong snorlax? Two strong snorlax's!)
  • Bragging rights

What's to lose?

  • Some balls, berries and time. The latter I agree time is precious, but the rest are not limited resources, e.g you can always get more balls and berries.

In terms of catching any pokemon rare or not, if you plan to conserve your items, I would avoid catching Pokemon that aren't weak or strong, the "so-so" ones.

Weak pokemon are great because they are usually easy to catch, which means easy stardust and candy, and more pokemon to do lucky eggs. Strong ones might be useful for battling and won't require as much candy and stardust to power up. The one's in the middle are not ideal for any of these usages.


The rarer the Pokemon you're talking about, the less likely you will be to hatch it. I've never hatched a Snorlax -- you may not hatch the Pokemon you desire for weeks or even months. You won't know what you'll hatch until afterwards, so it's good to catch a new Pokemon as soon as you are given the chance.

Furthermore, catching Pokemon will give you candy that you can use to level up your strongest Pokemon in that evolutionary chain. After over 10 10km eggs, I've hatched 1 Lapras. I would be extremely happy to be able to catch one in the wild, regardless of how many Poke/Great/Ultra balls it takes.

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