I discovered the "Photonix Core" in No Man's Sky and for the most part it appears to be the third and final tier (essentially Theta level) of the technology.

Per the Photonix Core wiki, it is describes it as

Photonix Core is the third upgrade available for the Pulse Engine.

However doing some more digging, the Pulse Engine page is telling different story on it's tier level

Upgrade progression

  • Pulse Jet Sigma / Photonix Core
  • Pulse Jet Tau

The Photonix Core is shown on the same level as Pulse Jet Sigma and both require the same materials to install the technology; being 100 Chrysonite, 200 Iron, & 50 Zinc

As the Photonix Core and Pulse Jet Sigma appear to be equal, how effective will the Photonix Core be in addition to the other engines?

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Per the wikia,

This upgrade shares the same crafting cost as the Pulse Jet Sigma but they are not the same.

Photonix Core provides additional attributes over the "Pulse Jet Sigma"; it is one of several technologies available only for pre-ordered players.

Additionally, this observation seems to indicate that there is a functional difference between Pulse Jet Sigma and Photonix Core.

I have all three and it behaves exactly the way "pulse drive theta" would have.

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    Ah yes, I was just reading part of the article as you posted your answer. I feel like I should probably re-take reading 101 Sep 15, 2016 at 17:49
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    I am the worst RTFC offender, no worries.
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