I was attacking a TH9 guy, and I had poison spell at that time. There was a skeleton trap activated and lots of troops just covering the skeletons, so I mistakenly dropped the poison there over those skeletons. So, I am wondering from that time: Do the skeletons got hurt or not? I was able to watch the replay but the troops had fully covered those skeletons. If someone knows please answer. Thanks!

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Poison Spell Summary

This is one of 3 new spells in Clash of Clans which have been added since the July 1st update. Once you have the Dark Spell Factory, you can brew this spell. This spell deals damage too all enemy troops, Heroes and Skeletons trap and slows them as long as they are not staying idle. This spell doesn’t damage buildings inside its area.


  • but i mean to the skeletons present in skeleton traps Commented Sep 20, 2016 at 11:38

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