At the top of the buddy Pokemon page, there's a text indicating the total distance walked with your current buddy. Right now, I have my starter Pokemon as my buddy and got 19 kilometers walked with him. If I change my Buddy Pokemon, and then later switch it back to my starter, will this distance have reset or will it still be at 19 kilometers and continue from there?


No, the total distance travelled will stay the same. The current progress towards the next reward will be reset, however.

I tried switching my Lapras out today and decided to make him my buddy again and his total distance started at 10.0 km, just as it was when I switched him out.


The total distance walked will not change, although current progress towards a candy will.

See screenshots. Deathturtle has 54.3km total and 0.3km progress towards candy. Switching the buddy for a Vulpix then back to Deathturtle resets the progress to 0km but retains the 54.4km total.

(I'm not sure where the extra .1km came from, I didn't move during these screenshots, perhaps a round up)

Buddy change

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    Walking distances aren't updated in real-time, but periodically. Additionally, GPS location tends to wander a bit, especially if you are in or next to tall buildings. So, a combination of the two could account for suddenly finding an extra 0.1km. – Ellesedil Sep 21 '16 at 16:15
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    Upvote for sacrificing 0.3 km. – Jerry Oct 27 '16 at 6:54

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