So I ran a mission and rescued Bottle & Cappy. They now show up randomly, and I've seen some people's happiness rise, one in particular went from 10% to 75%.

Now one of my quest runners (basically my Avatar in the game, so I keep a close eye on him). He recently died, and on revival, his happiness has dropped to 10%. Now, since he's one of my primary quest runner, he doesn't get assigned to a room.

So will Bottle & Cappy cheer him up while he's wandering around the vault?

  • assign your dweller in a production room for a day or two. that will increase his happines to 75% or even more.
    – andrew
    Oct 7, 2016 at 9:45

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I stopped playing this game, but a number of forums and Nukapedia seem to agree that they provide a vault-wide happiness boost upon appearing that wears off once they leave.


They provide a temporary 20% happiness increase to every dweller in the vault, regardless of which room Bottle and Cappy are in. After they leave, dweller happiness is returned to their previous level.

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