When playing a standard arena battle in Clash Royale (not a "friendly" or "tournament" battle), is it possible (however remotely) for two members of the exact same clan to end up being matched together to battle each other?

Follow-up question: same question as above, but for a "challenge" battle.


Ladder: I would say no, as the wintraders back in the day made different clans to fight their own accounts (all the nova clans and all that). If one could battle their clanmates, this probably would not have happened.

Challenges: We don't know either. The link I posted was removed after I read it over and realized they were in different clans.


It is possible in normal arena battles, but the chance is so small to find exactly your friend, even if he had the exact same trophy count, that you could say that the chance is 0%, even if you search for an opponent in the exact same moment. I'm not sure if this works even in challenge matches, but it's probably the same thing.

  • Is there evidence of this happening? – JoshDM Nov 27 '16 at 14:40
  • @JoshDM Sadly, I don't have any evidence, and it never happened to me, but There are many posts that I have read of this on social webs that say that it is possible, and other things like this. And I was also thinking: why should Supercell restrict theese battles? – Quijibo Nov 28 '16 at 13:39

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