I broke my phone and I never backed it up so I lost everything. Including Pokemon Go. It would've saved my account though, right? I tried to sign in using my username and password but my password won't work! I USE THE EXACT SAME PASSWORD FOR LITERALLY EVERYTHING I HAVE!!! Why would I use something different this one time??? I asked my friends if my username was right or wrong and they all sent me a screenshot of my profile that I sent them and the username was right. I have so many emails that I cant remember which one I used. Any advice on what I should do?

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    It's not wise to openly tell people on the internet you use the same password for everything. – Timmy Jim Sep 24 '16 at 18:00

Your best plan of action is to throw your email addresses into the username recovery page until you get a hit. This will identify which address your account is attached to, which, along with your username, will let you fill in the password recovery form.

After that, you should do something to consolidate all those email accounts and diversify your password situation, because... Damn, dude. This is some 101-level shit.

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