This error can signify a variety of issues but what does it mean in the context of Diablo II, and what is the workaround?

(Also sometimes shows as an empty white box with a red X icon...)


Your issue is most likely with graphics card compatibility in newer Windows.

The easiest solution is to use Sven's GLIDE wrapper:

  1. Download the version that corresponds with your Diablo II release.
  2. Run the exe and move the resulting .ini file and the folder's .dll to your Diablo II folder
  3. Run d2vidtst.exe in your Diablo II folder and pick GLIDE (the third option) when it finishes
  4. Voilà
  • Be aware that a "recent" D2 patch has removed the d2vidtst.exe if it hasn't been fixed yet. (Because you know, what else does Blizzard have to do except ruin the only fix to a 15 year old game?). I think there was some other way to install the glide wrapper correctly, but it might require some research. – CoqPwner Sep 25 '16 at 13:52

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