I've leveled my Pokes for some time (couple hours) and I noticed place I haven't seen before. I encountered Rotom and When I wanted to transorm into Mega evolution I clicked "run". Can I go back to catch rotom one more time?

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Yes -- more than one rotom will spawn, although they will always be in shaking trash cans. If you don't see any, try leaving and re-entering the area. In addition, they will only appear there on Tuesdays.

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    Not only that - only four of the trash cans are relevant. The one to the left of the Punk Couple is "daily", and can not contain a Rotom, while the four trashcans to the right are "Tuesday trashcans" and are able to contain a Rotom.
    – obskyr
    Sep 26, 2016 at 11:40

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