I'm trying to replicate the spider queens bone in logdotzip's ccmp series. I've gotten pretty far, however I can't finish it. I've gotten up to

/execute ~0 ~0.1 ~0 [player] summon spider and /testfor item.weapon.offhand minecraft:bone 

The things I need help with is combining both commands, getting the order of the string of commands right, getting the name of the bone to have to be "Spider Queen's Bone", having no drops come from the spiders, and killing only the spiders spawned by the bone. There may be missing things because I am new to larger commands.

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  • summon the spider with a name so that only the spiders with that name will be killed Sep 30, 2016 at 12:58

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Well I have been working on something similar and I found that for testing for named armor this works: {Inventory:[{Slot:-101b*,tag:{display:{Name:"cat"}}}]} but I am working on something that would go in your leggings slot called rocket boosters but would work the same way except with invisible silverfish. If you have any further questions about that I would suggest asking the minecraft forum user and moderator Skylinerw here.

For your other question I found this link which states that having no string or eyes drop is impossible but I know it is possible to use custom loot tables in some way, you might have to have a renamed spider but that is easy.

As in helmet slot, also don't include the "" in the command.

  • Sorry I didn't answer all your questions but here goes:I have no idea how you would combine them also... But I do know the link to Logdotzip's CCMP world + all the modules used: mediafire.com/download/jw77tr3xn2rvrjx The link to Jragon's site where he originally posted the 1.8+1.9 spider queen's bone module (More Creatures): jragoncommands.weebly.com/jragon-modpack-instructions.html So you would have to update it and compile it but I have a feeling that you should start doing it directly in 1.11 because 1.11 changed mob ids
    – GiacomoS
    Oct 10, 2016 at 18:07
  • If you want to chain mulitple command blocks to execute the commands try a fill clock. If you don't know what a fill clock is, google it.
    – GiacomoS
    Oct 10, 2016 at 18:22

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