So I've had trouble with most older games for awhile now.

Old games started on fullscreen (Tomb Raider 1,2,3 for example) will crash on launch (Never reaches the game, the screen flashes then *.exe has stopped working)

They will work perfectly if started in windowed mode, unfortunately that's only a workaround and not a fix. Not only that but not all of these old games gives an option for windowed mode.

That has been as much information as I could get until today. I'm running two monitors, a BenQ XL2430T and an old generic LG monitor (LG W1943TS-PF) I selected my LG monitor as my main display and ran the game (Tomb Raider 3) and it ran perfectly in full screen. I was shocked and happy I finally had more to go on.

So clearly, it is not a Windows problem and not the game's problem. It runs perfectly fine on my LG screen as main display but if my BenQ is main display, then it does not work at all!

I tried everything I could think of.. Colors, refresh rate, screen resolution, desktop scaling... Nothing works. It sucks because obviously my BenQ is supposed to be much higher quality than this old LG screen and yet it just crash these games.

Does anyone have any insight or clues as to why this is happening? The screen flickers between my desktop and a black screen multiple times before crashing so my theory is that the screen and the game are fighting for a certain resolution and my screen always wins.

The BenQ has a menu called Display Mode to select an aspect ratio, but that menu is always greyed out so it's absolutely useless.

I'm using two GeForce 660Ti in SLI and using Win7.

  • Have you tried running the games with different compatibility settings? Older games might perform better or work in the first place. Here's some info on running things in compatibility mode tinyurl.com/z3jfran – Despato Oct 1 '16 at 20:07
  • Nothing worked by itself, if all I do is change the compatibility mode, it doesn't work. I haven't tried combinations because obviously that would be a ton of tests. Thanks though! – JMC17 Oct 1 '16 at 20:16

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