The question is simple, how many competitive matches do you need to unlock overwatch function in CSGO? Or what range do you need to be to unlock this function?


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There is no set number of games or objectives to complete, to get Overwatch access. According to the wiki:

Investigators are selected based on their CS:GO activity (competitive wins, account age, hours played, Skill Group, low report count, etc.)

Basically the older your steam account is, and the higher your in-game rank, with high percent accurate reports, then you have a pretty good chance to get selected, as long as you haven't been correctly reported (say griefing or scripting)

Though my steam is not that old (don't even have the 5 year badge) and my rank was mid level when I got it, so I believe the most important thing is accurate in-game reports of actual cheaters (or griefers/scripters) you encounter.


It's technically not defined by Valve but many users have said they unlocked it around Master Guardian range and immediately when they hit 150 wins. I was Master Guardian and didn't have it unlocked, presumably because I had only like 70 wins or something. One friend had around 300 wins when it came out and didn't unlock it till about 350. So there really isn't a defined range, it's kinda random.


After you get 150 competitive wins, you are eligible for overwatch

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  • There is no set numbers, as stated from the answer above
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