Hi I am playing Skyrim on Xbox 360 and I built the house by Dawnstar. I payed my housecarl to furnish everything and its been almost 2 weeks and only a couple chest and a table with some barrels have showed up. So I read some things and there was something about not being able to trust housecarls? Is there something I'm missing because I spent all my money and have got nothing as of yet. Please help.

  • The slowness is due to how the furnishing pace works. You need to visit your property frequently or deliberately trigger zone changes. I have expanded on Despato's answer with more details.
    – Nelson
    Oct 6, 2016 at 8:40

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The UESP wiki page states that the process of paying a housecarl to furnish a home is a very slow one. Since you said that some furnishings have already appeared, it is probable that you did not waste your gold, and that it is just taking a long time.

Per notes at the UESP page:

The amount of time it takes for stewards to furnish your house depends on the number of times you leave the area.

So if you only visit your house once in a while, it will take a LONG time to finish. The USEP page has further details on how to improve the furnishing speed:

The fastest way to complete the process is to find the border of your property and cross it repeatedly until the furnishing is done (PC players can quickly find the border using the tb console command). There are several areas where this can be performed, including:

Lakeview Manor: Go South from your entrance door. After the carriage driver and just before the small pond next to Pinewatch are two large trees growing next to the rocks on your right. The border is between the trees.

Windstad Manor: Go straight east from your entrance door, up the hill. The border is between the two trees growing next to the rocks on your left. (There is a third tree on your right.)

Heljarchen Hall: Go straight south towards Loreius`s farm and pass your stable and carriage driver. Where the rocks on your right end are two blue mountain flowers. One of them is growing next to a dead branch. The border is between the two flowers.

Additionally, you must pay your housecarl to furnish each room in your house individually, meaning that if you only paid for one room, it is the only one that will be automatically furnished. The cost for each room is a follows:

  • Small House: 1000 gold
  • Entry Room: 1000 gold
  • Main Hall: 3500 gold
  • Alchemy Laboratory: 2500 gold
  • Armory: 2000 gold
  • Bedrooms: 2000 gold
  • Enchanter's Tower: 2500 gold
  • Greenhouse: 1500 gold
  • Kitchen: 1500 gold
  • Library: 1500 gold
  • Storage Room: 1000 gold
  • Trophy Room: 1500 gold

As for your question about being able to "trust" a housecarl, I do not believe that there is any such function in Skyrim.

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