After a big reorganization and the complete demolishing of an industrial area, I ended up with a broken bus line with two loose ends. How can I connect the ends to close it? Usually these ends tie themselves up automatically, but this time it's just not happening, no matter where I drag the stops. Adding new stops creates new lines.

Please see the red line below:

enter image description here


Finally I found the cause of the problem:

There was a leftover stop in the demolished area. Somehow this stop was stuck in the middle of the forest, with no roads around, and couldn't be interacted with. I think it must be a bug in the game.

I built a road close to it (but not on it) then dragged the line to go on that road. After this I was able to remove the stray stop and the line automatically connected up its lose ends.

I hope this will help others who encounter the same problem.

  • Thank you! This worked perfectly (once I actually read your post with thought and built the road and line near but not on the non-interactable stop). After a few seconds the old stop just disappeared and the line became connected. – Silvar Sep 16 '19 at 1:28

I just figured out another thing that could be causing it. In my city I had changed the traffic routing such that you couldn't get from one stop to the other. Once I fixed the traffic routing the bus line self-connected

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