We all know the "auto connect" annoying 'hacks' on the Counter-Strike configuration files.

So basically this problem is similar to the other problems; everytime I connect a server, it connects to the same server. But, the weird thing is, that it happens when I am trying to connect a server that is in my Favorites list, for example. It doesn't happen when I click on the New Game or Find Servers buttons. Only when I'm trying to connect a new server.

I tried couple things in order to solve this annoying problem:

  • Connecting through the console (~) with the connect [IP] command.
  • Deleting my GameMenu.res. Deleting my CS (cstrike) folder.
  • I even reinstalled Counter-Strike, but this still occurs.

  • My CS folder is Read-Only. So are my config.cfg, userconfig.cfg, etc.

I am playing through Steam, of course.

This is what my console looks like:

console screenshot

It always connects to king.indungi.ro:27015

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The fav servers are not saved inside cstrike, that's why it still can be modified by hacks and other tools (including Steam itself, when saving a new server).

Check the file ...\Steam\userdata\(id number)\7\remote\serverbrowser_hist.vdf

(id number) references a unique account ID. If you have used multiple Steam IDs on your computer you'll have to look through them to find the right folder. This can be done by checking ...\Steam\userdata\(id number)\config\localconfig.vdf, which should contain the Steam account name.

PS: It's always good to have a backup of that folder, because the Steam cloud is not very reliable and some hacking tools tend to modify or delete more than just your server list.

  • Checked, even though nothing was suspicious, I deleted it. Nothing changed.
    – rolory
    Commented Oct 13, 2016 at 12:03
  • (Sorry for double posts) But what's really weird is that: it does the auto connect only on specific servers. I mean, I entered into other server and it didn't auto connect. Isn't it weird?
    – rolory
    Commented Oct 13, 2016 at 12:05
  • @rolory if you save a new server, does that one work as intended? (and does it appear in the file I posted in the answer?)
    – dly
    Commented Oct 13, 2016 at 12:14

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