I've noticed that sometimes I'm one-shotting Soldier 76 and sometimes I'm not. The same goes with Reaper.

I'm worried that it may be because of where I aim.

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    The answers below are good. When I started playing Roadhog, I was having similar problems. After playing around with him a bit, I found that speed is just as important as aiming properly. When you hook someone, they will do their damnedest to not make an easy target for you. You need to shoot as soon as possible, before they have an opportunity to react after getting out of the stun. Sometimes, this means getting slightly un-optimal aim with the shotgun, but that's better than an outright miss or a target that retreats backwards in the cone of your shot.
    – nasukkin
    Oct 14, 2016 at 19:45
  • This is also why I'm pressing hard with my friends to not stress about the melee attack. Your mind should focus on the actual shot. Then, if the enemy is still standing, you should melee. The melee range is something like 3.5 meters (Practice Range). It's just plain dumb.
    – Karlyr
    Oct 14, 2016 at 20:56

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Generally, you should aim where the most area possible is covered by the aim circle on the enemy character (most of the time the headshot bonus is neglectable). I tested all of it manually in a custom game with a friend.

Please note that melee attacking is a good way to squeeze an extra bit of damage. But just remember that the melee attack range is a bit ridiculous and that you should take more time focussing on the shotgun shot than the melee attack.

This would mean to aim (in offense to support order) :


Genji : You aim down on him since the hook brings him so close to you. Generally an easy one-shot.

McCree : The hips. As weird as this sounds.

Pharah : The hips once again. Note that Pharah has a weird pull distance, sometimes she'll be at the perfect distance, sometimes she won't.

Reaper : Around the stomach. His 250 HP are a pain, unless you get lucky or if someone shot him a little bit previously, he'll survive. Shoot fast or else he'll Wraith Form away.

Soldier 76 : the hips. This is the area where most of the bullets can get a hit.

Sombra : Hips, she's one of the harder characters to one shot, but it's still doable unlike Ana. Half a step foward should ensure you a kill if you follow it up with a melee.

Tracer : Same as genji. You aim down on her since the hook brings her so close to you. Generally an easy one-shot.


Bastion : 300HP is too much to one shot. Shooting him in the torso deals around 250 on average. You can have the leasure to take an extra step to deal a bit more damage. But it shouldn't exceed by a lot that 250 damage.

Hanzo : Hips.

Junkrat : High torso. Since he's postured like a litteral rat when you grab him, the high torso will get a part of the head and oneshot him.

Mei : You just can't one shot her and she'll go in Cryostasis right after. The hips seems to do the most damage.

Torbjorn : You aim down on him. Headshot being calculated, you can get through his whole health bar (and armor too).

Widowmaker : Hips. She seems a bit trickier than other characters because of her slim silhouette.


D.Va : The glass of her mech or her hips in the case of mechless. You can't one shot her mech. (Duh)

Reinhardt : His head. FINALLY. Reinhardt has such a huge necks those usual lost bullet will find place in there. You won't be able to one shot him but 2 good shots should deal with him.

Roadhog : Belly shot. (Random note, the first roadhog that hooks the other is usually the first one to die in a duel. Shoot him back after his hook and then Hook combo should take care of him.)

Winston : Head. See Reinhardt.

Zarya : Hips. But you have to shoot fast before she shields it. Should do around 220.


Ana : You can one shot her. But it's very inconsistent. I won't risk myself to say where to shoot.

Lucio : Most satisfying to hook, easiest to kill. Shouldn't be a question where to shoot.

Mercy : Hips once again. Her hook distance is a bit inconsistent too.

Symmetra : Hips. Hook distance is a bit wonky too.

Zenyatta : Your aim circle just does the whole body of Zenyatta.

P.S. Roadhog's hook mechanics are really wonky by moments. These tests were done in a custom game with an opponent willing to get hooked but trying as much as possible to get out post hook. This could pretty much differ in a real game. Against some low mobility / no escape character you can take a second to take an extra step to deal a bit more damage.

P.P.S. I'd want to precise that these damage counts are calculated with someone trying as hard as he can to negate the damage of Roadhog. (Wraithform, Defense Matrix, Ice Block, etc.) So if you do take a step, jump or take too much time aiming, the damage might be completly negated or lower. Practice makes perfect !

  • I can't ever seem to hook -> shoot -> melee to kill Ana or Mercy, so I'll try this when I next play. Oct 13, 2016 at 17:29
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    Oh. Thanks for the involontary heads up on melee. I'll add about it.
    – Karlyr
    Oct 13, 2016 at 17:30
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    If you just hooked an immobile hero, it's sometimes useful to take a short step forward and jump, shooting down at them towards their vulnerable spot. This ensures that some of the shotgun blast will count as a headshot, thus dealing more damage and potentially one-shotting the tankier champs (Reaper, Mei). However, this is a somewhat risky move, since the jump gives the enemy a handful of milliseconds more to react, which may be the difference between their death and their escape.
    – Mage Xy
    Oct 13, 2016 at 17:55
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    You forgot to list solider 76 in offense. Oct 13, 2016 at 21:30
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    Is there any way that a character could quickly crouch after getting hooked, thereby negating the majority of the damage? I've seen clips of players even crouching underneath the hook, but is it possible to save yourself that way? Oct 13, 2016 at 22:24

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