Yesterday I was playing a ranked versus match on GoW 4 on my Xbox One and I saw a chat like interface popup where it looked like someone sent a global chat message. I was unable to locate anywhere in the gears match interface to send a chat from my Xbox One.

How did they send that chat message?
Is cross play enabled between PC and Xbox One? (and then the chat was sent from PC?)

From all locations I could find online, cross play for competitive play is not enabled. It is enabled for co-op, private versus, and horde.

Chat Message:

[Global] gamerTag: lol 26% left comon

From the Gears of War 4 site:

Versus: Train up your skills in Co-Op Versus with friends from either platform. To preserve the competitive nature of Gears and individual balance for each platform, Crossplay is not enabled in standard Versus multiplayer.

Several other threads requesting this feature to be enabled


I've tested this, and if you have a keyboard connected to your Xbox, you can use the text chat (when viewing the scoreboard at the end of a round). It actually controls your character as well. If you plug a mouse in, I'm willing to bet you can have full PC controls on your Xbox.

You can also get an Xbox Chatpad and it'll s will work just the same. This forum also discusses that it is possible using the chatpad.

I've only read that cross play is allowed in coop modes only and not versus matches.

Yes... I unplugged my keyboard from my PC and plugged it into my Xbox One... but I have 2 keyboards for my PC at least.

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