I am playing dota 2 for nearly 3 years now, but I have never figured out what the fantasy points are for and how you get them. I've seen sometimes already in replays that I have earned up to 10 (not totally sure, long time ago) fantasy points.

Can someone tell me what the usage is and how do I get them?


From this article:

In Fantasy Dota, players on a team earn Dota Fantasy Points based on the statistics they generate in actual Dota games.

It's kind of like fantasy football or baseball. There is a fantasy Dota feature. You can earn points whenever one of these players participate in a tournament.

From the Wiki, it also states that you can win in game rewards for participating in fantasy Dota. A scoring section is also there for reference on how the points are actually calculated. They are:

  • Kill = 0.3
  • Death = -0.3
  • Assist = 0.15
  • Last Hit = 0.003
  • Gold per minute = 0.002
  • EXP per minute = 0.002
  • Seconds of enemy stuns = 0.07
  • Every 1000 allied healing done = 0.4
  • Tower Kill = 1
  • Roshan Kill = 1
  • First blood = 3
  • Now I finally know what those points are. Thank you! – Awusuwah Oct 21 '16 at 12:16

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