Most of the villages we see during attack research seem to be active. Sometimes you find an opponent that has been inactive for a couple of days and bingo, his extractors are full. but I still consider this as an active player.

Let's assume I delete the app or I do not connect to the app for several months. What would happen then ? Would I still visible when opponents go for matchmaking ? Would I earn an infinite shield because of inactivity ?


I took a break for about a year and just reinstalled it for this question. Below are screenshots of my base immediately after opening the app.

All of my collectors were almost full, I was kicked out of my Clan, I am not placed in any league, and my land has a lot of trees/rubbish on it (usually I had it clean).

Their EULA must have changed, as I had to accept this again: enter image description here

Collectors almost full and rubbish everywhere: enter image description here

Top of defense log: enter image description here

Bottom of defense log (30 days max I guess?), was still visible to attackers, no infinite shield. enter image description here

Proof, nothing in my attack log: enter image description here

I also had a lot of notes about the updates and changes they made to read through but my base was not deleted.

  • To add to this, from what I have been reading longer periods of inactivity seems to put you lower down onto the matchmaking list. So you will have a gradual decrease in raids the longer you are inactive. – Ramirez Nov 14 '16 at 20:09

If you are inactive, or delete the app, it will be just like if you are away for a couple of days, except longer. Your collectors and mines will be full, and you will have been raided. A Lot.

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