In Civ VI when you discover Mount Kilimanjaro you get the following quote:

"As it turns out, Mount Kilimanjaro is not wi-fi enabled, so I had to spend two weeks in Tanzania talking to the people on my trip."

-Nancy Bonds

I've never heard of a Nancy Bonds and Google searches don't show anything useful, but generally speaking they only use quotes from famous people in Civ. So who is she?


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Thanks to Ramhound for this answer

Nancy Bonds is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin who went on a trip to Kilimanjaro and wrote a blog about it. That blog contains the quote (emphasis mine):

As it turns out, Mount Kilimanjaro is not wi-fi enabled, so I had to spend two weeks in Tanzania (with a couple exceptions) talking to the people on my trip. Initially wary of the lack of phone usage, I soon adapted to some old school communication methods, from writing letters to chatting in front of fires. We told stories from elementary school, awkward tales from middle school, absurd high school drama, and incredible adventures. We all have stories. Whether they come from family trips to Brazil or the time you tried to jump over a wall and missed. I think most of the time we just forget to tell them to each other . We forget that we make stories every day. After hearing about my friend pulling a row boat to shore in a hippo pool, after listening to my guide talk about his first trip up the mountain, and after rattling off my own tale about a fall down a switchback, I realized we all have something to say. We all have moments that we can share with each other. Be adventurous, take a step back, and remember to tell your story.

  • I always tell my story, every chance I get. Sometimes it surprises people that I'm so eager to talk about it, but if I don't share it, who will? Commented Feb 22, 2023 at 3:51

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