I've recently downloaded Minecraft forge on my windows 10 operating system (not windows 10 edition Minecraft) I downloaded forge 1.7.2, but there was no Forge profile so I made my own in the suitable version. I now understand that that was a bad idea because it is NOT Minecraft forge. I can tell from the lack of the logo, forge version text and 'mods' folder. I made my own 'mods' folder and extracted the littleblocks.jar file (the mod I was downloading at the time) into it and ran Minecraft. Nothing. I hope someone can provide an explanation for the absence of Forge on my workstation.

EDIT:I seem to have fixed forge a fit. The actual profile is now there but when I lay it does nothing. The launcher loads, disappears and then there's nothing. Please?

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Are you sure you...

  • Downloaded the correct version of Forge for Minecraft 1.7.2? The correct version is (xx can be any number, but it's probably 21, 47, or 61)
  • Downloaded the "installer" version? The filename should be something like forge-1.7.2-
  • Correctly installed Forge? Make sure Minecraft and the launcher aren't running, and double-click the installer. The installer should create the "Forge" profile for you.

Also, if you didn't download Forge from the official Forge website, you might very well have downloaded a virus. Delete it immediately.


If you got it from a website that wasnt minecraftforge.net Download Minecraft Forge from here! [Clicky here!]

If you did download Minecraft Forge from minecraftforge.net, I dont know what the hell is happening

  • This does not provide an answer to the OP's question. He said that he has already downloaded Forge. – rivermont - Will B. Oct 25 '16 at 15:24

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