When the yearly event comes up, I have to pick a student to plan it. The interface shows me the basic stats of each student, but nowhere does it explain which stats might contribute to success.

I assume popularity plays a role, since the "planning" consists of talking to the other students and convincing them to participate. I also thought that other stats might make a difference, depending on the event (e.g. athleticism for a baseball event). However, I don't have any actual evidence to confirm or deny these hypotheses.

So, what makes a student a good event planner?

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From this site (registration required):

  • Leader nature - Seems to improve the amount of research points that are generated during the event
  • High popularity - Increases the number of students the organizer will talk to in the halls
  • High number of friends - Increases the likelihood of other students participating in the event after talking to the organizer.
  • Not in a couple - Students in couples will talk to each other more often, which will decrease the number of people the organizer is able to talk to about the event.
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