I created a PGARK private server and noticed that the resources are few and far between. I might have to walk for a minute or more along the beach to find another bush for berries or fiber.

Is there a server config value that I can set to reduce the distance between resources?


Resources are statically placed, when a map is designed. There are options to reduce how far from a building, or person, a resource can respawn, but the resource locations, themselves, will always be in the same location.


Not experienced with PG ARK, but some information from the "official" guide.

Increasing the density of a resource in a biome will decrease the distance between instances of that resource, in that biome.

For example raising Jungle Tree Density will decrease the distance between jungle trees.

The only parameter I expect to impact bushes will be Grass Density for various biomes (ex. Jungle Grass Density).

All of this of course requires you to create a new procedurally generated ark.

The alternative would be to increase the gather rate, which would cause each bush to give more fiber and berries.

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