Me and my friend play FIFA 12 at an arcade. He thinks by playing the game with the same profile over and over (in kick-off mode) will increase the performance of the players. I however think this is not true. Since we are playing at an arcade I believe that some player might have increased the performance of the players.

I checked the user gameplay settings in game setting and found something like this (Image is taken from my PC). Could this be the reason?

I would like to know what the case is: Do players get better performance when playing with the same profile more often or not?


As I know the players only become better if you play Career Mode (Single Player only). And even then, the Player stats in Arcade Mode should ever stay unchanged.

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    Hey I've edited my post. Is user gameplay customisation should remain 50 as default or it has been altered manually? – Syedshad Oct 29 '16 at 5:26

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