Spoiler question, do not read if you didn't complete the game at least once!

After reading this answer to another question, I was intrigued by one of the spoilers:

The Railroad will want you to destroy the Minutemen

While I understand that they want to put down the BoS, I was thinking they would want to destroy the Institute to liberate the synth.

In my first playthrough, I got so far I destroyed the BoS for them, but switched to the Institute at that moment, and destroyed thm before I could see that quest.

All along, the Railroad never have qualms about the Minutemen, and the Minutemen are quite neutral, so I don't understand why the Railroad is the only faction to want to put them down.


The answer is flawed because according to the article it sources, there is no Minutemen destroying.

In fact, within the entirety of the vanilla Fallout 4 you cannot destroy the Minutemen Faction. The only factions you can destroy are the Brotherhood of Steel, the Institute, and/or the Railroad.

  • So it was indeed the Institute that they wanted to destroy. Thanks – DrakaSAN Oct 28 '16 at 9:00

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