I saw in a Civ 6 video that you get bonuses for building districts next to each other - and the city proper is also counted as a district.

I can't find details written down anywhere or in Civilopedia.

What are these bonuses & when are they activated - I can find nothing online?

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    It's right there in the Civilopedia on the pages for each district. – Dallium Oct 31 '16 at 1:07
  • I guess I was looking for one page with them all listed on - which is really handy (and is the accepted answer). – niico Mar 12 '17 at 12:08
  • District Name - Adjacency bonus
  • Aerodrome - N/A
  • Aqueduct - N/A
  • Campus - Bonus Science when placed next to: Mountains, Rainforest (per 2 tiles), Other Districts (per 2 districts)
  • City Centre - None (bestows adjacency bonuses to some other districts)
  • Commercial Hub - Bonus Gold when placed next to: Rivers, Harbour, Other Districts (per 2 districts)
  • Encampment - N/A
  • Entertainment Complex - N/A
  • Harbour - Bonus Gold when placed next to: Coastal Resources, Other Districts (per 2 districts)
  • Holy Site - Bonus Faith when placed next to: Natural Wonders, Mountains, Woods (per 2 tiles), Other Districts (per 2 districts)
  • Industrial Zone - Bonus Production when placed next to: Mines, Quarry, Other Districts (per 2 districts)
  • Neighbourhood - N/A
  • Space Port - N/A
  • Theatre Square - Bonus Culture when placed next to: Wonders, Other Districts (per 2 districts)


  • Note that some civs have replacements for some of the above, and usually they have improved bonuses. E.g. the Greek replacement for the Theatre Square yields +1 culture per district (double the usual bonus). – Sjoerd Nov 28 '16 at 20:29

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