Normally in Warzone you initially spawn with the stock assault rifle and pistol, both level 1 REQs. As you continue to unlock new weapons from REQ packs, you will unlock additional weapons as various REQ levels, but some will be level 1 REQs. To switch to these after spawning, you need to visit a REQ station while still alive, since you don't have access to the load out menu when the game first starts.

Is there a way to set a starting or default loadout of level 1 REQs so I don't have to visit a REQ station before my first death?

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This is a great idea, unfortunately it is not possible. Currently, the only way to change your loadout is to get to a REQ station at the start of the Warzone match or when you respawn during the match.

There was a post about this on the official forums. But it didn't get any traction and never materialized.

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