When one of my cities have completed a building and I click the button CHOOSE PRODUCTION button, and I can't remember what it was building, I look at the top of the right hand side. It will read something like TRADER COMPLETED. But I'm pretty sure that it's always wrong. It seems to be that it's actually showing the previously completed item. Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm just about to submit a bug report (or "support request") to 2K, but I don't imagine it would cause an immediate fix/patch :)

EDIT: I've submitted a bug, with request ID "1914906"

  • -1? Does that mean you don't get this, or do you not think it's a valid question for this stackexchange? – Svend Hansen Nov 3 '16 at 12:17

Yes, this is a bug. I don't know of any public place where the Civ team tracks their bugs, but I can confirm that the "X Completed" message may be wrong or missing in certain cases. The wrong message tends to be something that you completed a while back. I think this happens frequently when you open a city, dont do anything in the city, then go do something else, then go back to the city.


Like he said, it is indeed a bug. It's rather annoying when you have a lot of cities and that you're not sure what you've just completed. For instance, after building an archeological museum I forgot to scroll down and produce an archeologist. It's confusing for late games at marathon - huge map especially.

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