I looked on the wiki and it said that I should get the Splattercannon through a quest that I have already done, but I still don't have it. I looked everywhere trying to find it, as I thought that there might be a way to get it that I cant figure out. Did I do something wrong? Is there someone I need to talk to?


According to the wikia page on the Splattercannon, you can buy it from Aaron Corbett in the Nuka-Town market. It doesn't look like it's a quest reward at any point.


The Splattercannon is a quest reward from Mason,but you have to pass a speech check. That's the only way to get that gun..the Problem Solving lover is basically the same gun and can be purchased from the weapon vendor in the market.

  • This is somewhat incorrect. The only way to get the Splattercannon is buying one, as stated in my answer. Your answer refers to the Problem Solver. This is a different gun with a different skin and mods than the Splattercannon, but with the same prefixes. – Vemonus Nov 8 '16 at 18:48

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