When I am a potion or revive screen to heal/revive Pokemon, is there a shortcut to clear pokemon that are done healing or reviving?

I suspect that there is because I seem to sometimes manage to do it but not quite sure what it is that I did. Of course closing the screen and going back (selecting potion or revive) achieves this, but this is not what I mean.

Is there a shortcut to clear the pokemon list in review/heal without going out?

I am very nearsighted and can't often easily see state of Pokemon healed or revived.


You can tap on several Pokemon at once to restore all of them in the same instant.

If you do this and happen to hit a Pokemon who is already at full health, I've found that the screen refreshes as the restoration animation plays for the ones who are actually being healed; this removes the ones at full health from the list.

  • Silph Road posted a pointer describing this time saver. – Jerry Dec 20 '16 at 9:07

Unfortunately, no, there is no way to clear it besides backing out of the screen that I know of.

However, since you are near-sighted, try playing with the sound on (assuming you are able to), as there are audible indicators for whether or not your item use was successful. If you try to heal a Pokemon that is already conscious (revive) or at full health (potion), it will make a standard "error" sound, as opposed to the standard "healing" sound it plays for when a revive or potion is successfully used.

  • I find tapping the standard 20-HP healing potion for 10, 11 times very troublesome, due to it not reacting very fast. (11 times, say, if there is a Lapras that almost die but still has a few HP, and you need to charge it up back to 240). So I end up just using the 50 and 200 healing potion and then throw away those 20 HP potion – nopole Nov 4 '16 at 22:33

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