In my current world, I built a horizontal tunnel from my home to the nearest demon altar, at a depth of 8 feet above sea level. As it happens, this tunnel passed through a relatively large area of sand and, while making a run down this tunnel last night, I discovered that cacti had grown in it, contrary to my assumption that they would only grow on the surface deserts.

I've checked both wikis and found no information on cactus farming. Are the requirements for growing cacti (altitude, vertical space, and perhaps quantity of sand in the area) currently known? For now, I've dug six blocks down from the main tunnel and paved at the original level, which looks like it should leave a cactus-height space above the new level of the sand surface, but I haven't seen any new cactus growth yet.

  • This is about Terraria, not Minecraft. – Invader Skoodge Aug 30 '11 at 13:15
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The wiki now lists the following four requirements for Cacti to grow:

  • There needs to be at least a 1 thick layer of sand below it.
  • The Cactus requires 1 space of open ground to either side. A raised tile will block growth, but a lower tile will not.
  • The sand it grows on needs to be above the ground level.
  • They only grow in the inner 3/4th of the map.

You can't plant cactus but all it needs is sand.

Here is a bit of an instructional vid from Youtube.

  • The video half-answers quantity of sand (one block deep and it implies that there's no requirement for a certain number of blocks in an area), but does not address the amount of vertical space required. – Dave Sherohman Aug 31 '11 at 7:47

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