When shooting for a culture victory, I keep reading that you need to set up international trade routes to help improve tourism. However only some civs seem to show the +25% tourism bonus after I setup a trade route with them. Even when looking at available routes it says that I will have a +25% tourism bonus on some, but then after the route is created it doesn't actually show that anymore. I have trade routes up with 4 different civs, but only one of them is showing the +25% bonus on my routes list.

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The better place to find this information is under the victory screen. There's a tab for the culture victory, where you can hover over the incoming tourism icon from each civ (briefcase in the second column) and see the +/- that is affecting your tourism with them.

EDIT: With Screenshots of the suggestion! Here's what I'm talking about, and this may be a bug. The trade screen doesn't always correctly state when the trade route is providing tourism.

As you can see in the trade route screen, I have a currently active route with Russia, but the trade bonus is not considered active in the trade route screen. No Culture Bonus shows on Trade Route Screen

But, on the Culture Victory screen, it clearly shows that the cultural bonus is active. enter image description here

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