I have seen a lots of people make global dropper/dispenser crafting that work everywhere .But is that possible to make it multiplayer friendly?

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It is, but it takes a lot of command blocks. Every custom crafting table needs an entity marking it, for example an armor stand. This armor stand can be configured by having a command block chain in the following order (note that you should make a dummy objective first, in the examples it's called "success"):

  1. stats entity @e[tag=CustomCraft] set AffectedBlocks @e[type=ArmorStand,c=1] success This will be used in command block #3
  2. scoreboard players add @e[tag=CustomCraft] success 0 This makes sure the armor stand has a score, otherwise the stats command doesn't work
  3. execute @e[tag=CustomCraft] ~ ~ ~ testforblock ~ ~ ~ dropper -1 <blockdata> This will test whether the block it's on is a dropper (facing in any direction) has the given
  4. execute @e[tag=CustomCraft] ~ ~ ~ blockdata ~ ~ ~ <new blockdata> This is used to change the items

Now, for every recipe added, you can extend the chain with another #3 and #4

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