I play Creeper World 3 on both my laptop and desktop, one with ubuntu and the other on windows 10. As far as I know, it seem like CW3 do not use the steam cloud to keep the save file.

How can I keep the same save between my machines ?

  • This doesn't feel like it's really a gaming issue; file sync is a generic computing problem. – Frank Nov 11 '16 at 17:19
  • @Frank it's a self wiki post. and it's gaming related around the save of CW3. not a computer problem at all. if you have any suggestion about how to improve the question part of this wiki, you're welcome – Blag Nov 11 '16 at 17:24
  • Keeping files synced isn't a gaming specific issue. There are specific ways you can do it, and some games might have sync built in, where those questions would be welcome. For games that don't have that, however, the answer is the same: Copy it somewhere central. That's not a gaming problem at all. – Frank Nov 11 '16 at 17:35
  • @Frank CW3 partially have it : you can choose the savepath, that's why I make this wiki. As the save location are a bit messy (game file in 3 different locations), a step by step seem useful for new gamer. I make my account there just for this post (i'm from SO), so if you have another StackExchange community for this kind of problem I'm in. – Blag Nov 11 '16 at 17:48

The Dropbox way

As CW3 make the save cross compatible with windows / ubuntu and mac, you can share a same save file.

How-to :

First, you'll need a cloud account, I choose Dropbox, but it'll probably work with every others.

Careful, this is only to share a same save, not merge two save in one : you'll have to choose which one you want to keep and be sync

Shut-down the game before any change

Shared folder

In your cloud local folder, make and locate a game save folder (for me, it'll be /home/_USER_/Dropbox/game_save/ and c:\Users\_USER_\Dropbox\game_save)

Game setting

Find the GameSettings.xml file (created after first launch of CW3)

  • on ubuntu ~/.config/creeperworld3/GameSettings.xml
  • windows c:\Users\_USER_\AppData\Roaming\CreeperWorld3\GameSettings.xml
  • osx ~/.config/CreeperWorld3/GameSettings.xml

Open it with a text editor (sublimetext / notepad++ / gedit), and locate the following lines :

<UseCustomDataPath>False</UseCustomDataPath> <CustomDataPath> </CustomDataPath>

Set the first to True and put the path of the sync save folder you've make before between line 2 & 3.

For my Ubuntu I'll have :

<UseCustomDataPath>True</UseCustomDataPath> <CustomDataPath>/home/_USER_/Dropbox/game_save/</CustomDataPath>

For W10:

<UseCustomDataPath>True</UseCustomDataPath> <CustomDataPath>c:\Users\_USER_\Dropbox\game_save\</CustomDataPath>

Game save

Now, we need to get back our save, go find the creeperworld3 folder :

  • ubuntu ~/Documents/creeperworld3/
  • windows c:\Users\_USER_\Documents\creeperworld3\
  • osx ~/Documents/CreeperWorld3

Copy and past the full folder creeperworld3 (not only the content) in your sync game folder, for me on ubuntu ~/Dropbox/game_save/.

You should now be able to see your sync save when you launch your game.


if not, you probably selected creeperworld3 as the save folder, and end up with


instead of


Just remove /creeperwold3 from your CustomDataPath in the GameSettings.xml

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