My little brother disgustingly hogs my Wii U so much and some games I like to do myself, like Splatoon, I can't because he played the ever living life out of it. If I make another Wii U Mii profile and picking it, would it treat the Splatoon save file as exclusive to the main Wii U Mii profile?

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It seems that Splatoon can have separate accounts on the same WiiU.

What are the benefits/tradeoffs for each user having their own account versus all the users sharing a single account? What would you recommend?

The benefits of multiple accounts are having their own saves (for most games, not all) and having their own save states and restore points for VC titles. You also get to lay out the menu how you like, if you care about that sort of thing.

Source Reddit

Will each Wii U user be able to have its own file? Or will it be like Smash where everything is shared between users? Any confirmation regarding this?

I think gamexplain's QA video says it's a file per user.

How many save files does Splatoon have?

Just the one per account.

Source Gamefaqs here and here


think you can have separate accounts on WiiU with separate game saved data files, so you can start afresh on a new account.

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