I'm working on a map that requires a command to run if a player is using an gliding with an elytra. Are there any NBT tags or other commands that can be used to testfor gliding?


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The FallFlying tag will be 1 if the player (or any other mob) is flying with elytra. You can apply a label to the player based on that value for multiplayer-friendly detection:

/scoreboard players tag @a[tag=flying] remove flying
/scoreboard players tag @a add flying {FallFlying:1b}

/say Players that are flying: @a[tag=flying]

Firstly, you can find out if the player ever flyed with the Elytra with this:

/scoreboard objectives add Flying stat.aviateOneCm

But that's not all. You can add a independent Repeat and Always Active command block to /testfor if all players that have flyed are not on the ground:

/execute @a[score_Flying_min=1] ~ ~ ~ /testforblock ~ ~-1 ~ air

Then, to find out if this command returns false, use /testforblock again (X, Y and Z are the coordinates of the command block above) and put it in a Repeat and Always Active command block:

/testforblock X Y Z command_block -1 {SuccessCount:0}

Next to this one, place a Chain command block with a command to reset the scoreboard objective for all players:

/scoreboard players set @a Flying 0

Note: The above contraption is basically an implication gate - the output is activated only when input (command) 1 is activated, and command 2 not. You can replace command block #3 with an redstone implication gate. Now, you've set up a elytra-flight detector (not compatible for multiplayer). To execute a command when a player is flying, use /execute:

/execute @a[score_Flying_min=1] ~ ~ ~ <command>


/execute @a[score_Flying_min=1] ~ ~ ~ say hello

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