Does the Supercharged Glyphs ability, which usually does 10-50 damage per second, get buffed by the Conductors of Magic mutagen?

Supercharged Glyphs:

Enemies under the influence of Yrden lose 10 points of Vitality or Essence per second.

Conductors of Magic:

With a magic, unique, or witcher sword in hand, damage dealt by your signs increases by 50% of the equipped sword's own damage.

Their descriptions imply it would work, but I would like to check I'm not spending all my points on a combo that won't actually work.


The creator of this thread experimented to see how Conductors of Magic affected a few skills, including Supercharged Glyphs. It looks like Conductors of Magic does not buff Supercharged Glyphs, unfortunately.

Did some experimenting, seems that Shockwave and Magic Trap are affected by Conductors of Magic but Supercharged Glyphs isn't, and I can barely tell if there's a difference with Firestream.

Similarly, with Magic Sensibilities, Firestream did crit - but only for 110, and that was with full griffin grandmaster armour in a yrden. Damn, I was not aware Firestream was nerfed that severely, since I never used it before. Magic Trap can indeed crit, as can Shockwave. Supercharged Glyphs again does not benefit.

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