I've found that leading in science at King level isn't too hard in Civ 6, but there's a huge amount of production required in order to complete the 5 Spaceport projects

What can I do to boost my late-game production?

Edit: This should be less of an issue since the Winter 2016 patch reduced the cost of all Space Race projects by 40%

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  • Obvious one first: focus your city on production!
  • Aim to build other cities' Industrial Zones within 6 tiles of your main production city's city center, to benefit from their Power Plant bonus

Note that since the Winter 2016 patch, factories no longer stack:

Cities can no longer receive yields from more than one regional building per type; they take the highest (ex. production from multiple Factories)


  • Ruhr Valley (+30% production, and +1 Production for each Mine and Quarry in this city. Must be built along a River adjacent to an Industrial Zone district with a Factory).


  • Base trade routes from this city, prioritizing production
  • Until you get Ecommerce (see below), domestic trade will probably generate more production than international

Great People:

  • Sergei Korolev (Great Engineer) grants 1,500 production towards Space Race project construction
  • Carl Sagan (Great Scientist) grants 3,000 production towards Space Race project construction - enough to one-shot a Mars component


  • Chop woods belonging to your production city to grant 200 production (or jungle for 100 production/100 food). Then replant woods and create Lumber Mills (note that you can't chop rebuilt woods).
    • Chopping woods for production can be done more than 3 tiles from your city, providing the production city is the closest of your cities to the wood.
  • Build mines on any unoccupied hills, especially next to the Industrial Zone
    • Remember that mines will still provide an adjacency bonus to your Industrial Zone even if the mine itself is 4 tiles from your city.


  • Consider switching to Communism for the 10% production bonus


  • Integrated Space Cell (+15% production towards Space Race Projects if a city has either a Military Academy or a Seaport).
  • Ecommerce (+5 production and +10 gold from international Trade Routes)
  • Arsenal of Democracy (Your Trade Routes to an Ally's city provide +2 Food and +2 Production for both cities)
  • Five-Year Plan (+100% Campus and Industrial Zone district adjacency bonuses)

City States:

  • Prioritize getting suzerainty of Industrial cities
  • To add to the great people: Sergei Korolev (Great Engineer) also grants production to a space race project. Commented Nov 22, 2016 at 14:12
  • To also add to the great people, Robert Goddard adds another +20% hammers towards space race projects.
    – DvdZee
    Commented Apr 3, 2017 at 19:06

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