I'm quite used to Minecraft commanding, yet I do not know how to specify that a scoreboard objective called "POINTS" must have an integer higher than 749 so as to trigger the following command block:

/fill x y z x y z minecraft:air 

I just need the first part sorry! I know that r stands for radius, but I can't find a list of other specifiers. A link to a list would be (probably) the most helpful. Thanks!


A summary of all target selector arguments can be found in the wiki here:

Selector argument table

To select players with POINTS >= 750, you should be using the score_name_min argument, and your selector should look something like @a[score_POINTS_min=750].

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  • Alright thanks ill be sure to keep the link in my desktop (:. – Reflexive Nov 24 '16 at 13:42

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