I'm using Minecraft 1.11 and am having trouble summoning a mossy stone brick. I am using /setblock and can summon a normal stone block, but not mossy. I have tried mossy_stoneblock, stoneblock:1, stoneblock1 and much more. It just won't happen for me.
Can anyone help?

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/setblock syntax:

/setblock X Y Z <block ID> [metadata] [oldBlockHandling] {NBT}

You must separate the block ID and metadata value. The correct ID is minecraft:stonebrick with a metadata value of 1:

/setblock ~ ~1 ~ minecraft:stonebrick 1

You can find a list of all block IDs here.


In 1.13 and later versions, there is no concept of "block ID" and "Metadata value" and everything just has its own name:

/setblock <coords> mossy_stone_bricks

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