Recently I started a free trial for Minecraft Realms on the PC edition, but now I've noticed that I have only 6 days left, so I'd like to pay for it. However, I've seen Minecraft pre-paid cards in the store, and I was wondering if I could cash them out to get a longer subscription for realms?

I've not had much look searching on the internet, and so any help would be appreciated.

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No. Prepaid cards are only for buying Minecraft, in the form of the game.

Mojang's page for pre-paid cards says that:

Minecraft for PC/Mac can be bought via pre-paid cards found in physical stores.

This means that pre-paid cards can be redeemed for buying the actual game. If you want to buy Realms, just go to the Realms page for PC/Mac and choose a plan.


There are prepaid Realms cards. Just buy one and follow the dots.

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