One of the rules in Alpha Centauri is that each Network Node in a colony can only be used once with an Alien Artifact, to receive the research breakthrough. Other than keeping track manually of each time I use an Artifact at each city, is there any way in the game itself to see whether a city's Network Node hasn't used an artifact yet, so that I don't waste moving an artifact to an already-used city?



Select the Alient Artifact and issue a G command ("Go"). The game will show the list of cities, indicating those having available Network Nodes.

You need not actually "go" there immediately (e.g., if you need to travel through a non-friendly territory). As soon as you know the city, you may arrange some guard/convoy and move the units manually.

Caveat: The list will only show the cities on the current continent, e.g. there must be a land route to destination. Traveling to another continent requires moving there first (e.g., by a Transport).

  • Aha - Thank you. I've been using too many mouse commands, it seems :) – StuartLC Nov 27 '16 at 6:13

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