Nintendo advertised that "certain events will play out differently" in sun and moon. I know there are different pokemon between sun and moon, but my brother and I didn't see and events play out differently within the game. What are the events that played out differently between sun and moon?

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Most of the version differences are listed here.

Below I have included a summary of how they can play out differently. I have tried to avoid specific spoilers but you may wish to avoid reading on if that is a concern.

A twelve hour time difference:
If you play through the same part at the same time in real life, there is a night vs. day difference in game

Trials & Totem Pokemon

Raticate and Ratatta vs Gumshoos and Yungoos in the first Trial. Does not seem to occur in other Trials.

Summoning Altar (Late Game)

As part of the main story you reach either the Altar of the Sunne or Altar of the Moone and will interact with the corresponding Legendary Pokemon. This affects a few cutscenes.

Unlocking Battle Styles

Battling Kiawe or Mallow to unlock Reverent Style. This is different than fighting them as part of the trials.

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